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Quality you can trust:

We are the right balance of price and quality. Your testing will always be processed by a leader in the lab industry. Each lab has a long list of local, state, and federal certifications. Our labs use only the most up to date equipment and technology to screen and confirm your lab results. In most cases our prices include the necessary confirmation testing, so you can be confident you have the correct information.

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Information you can count on:

Isn’t it strange, here we are in the middle of the “information age” yet we still have trouble getting the information and answers we so desperately need? We are here to help! Each one of our staff has been in the business for many years. We are highly trained and able to answer the questions you might have. We also have access to various lab experts in our fields of communicable disease and toxicology. We promise to take your questions and concerns seriously – by getting you an answer! We will talk to you about your situation and help you decide what testing is right for you. That’s why we are here.

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Tests you can afford:

Whether you are an employer looking to test your staff or an individual getting your first HIV test we’ll get you tested for a great price! You know in most cases lab testing is not cheap! And would you trust it if it were? We realize in most cases you are paying out of pocket for your lab testing, and that is not always easy. We make sure our lab testing is reasonably priced and, in most cases, our patients are happy with our pricing structure and often say we are lower than the last few places they called. We also offer price breaks when you need multiple tests. Call customer care for more information.

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How it Works

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A quick call or email can get you registered so we can send your lab orders to the lab. If you are a company or individual needing multiple tests, we can also talk to you about price breaks for your testing volume

Give Specimen

All it takes is a fast stop by the lab to provide your specimen, there is usually no waiting or appointment needed

Get Fast Results

That’s what we do! We will deliver your results faster than most other options, including your doctor, the local clinic, and even the emergency room

Talk to a Doctor

In some cases, when we get a positive test result, we may suggest a brief consultation with one of our doctors or medical review specialists