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Specimen Collection Hours: Hours vary by location. Call customer care at (888) 493 – 2521 for more information on hours and testing.

Test Results and Registration: 7 am-5 pm central time. Saturday 9 am-12 pm. Sunday closed.

Registration for testing: You must register before going to the lab. In most cases, the lab collection site will not require you to make an appointment, but they will require a lab order to be sent over before you arrive. Please call customer care at (888) 493–2521 to register so we can send your lab orders to the collection site. In most cases we can get you collected the same day that you call!

If you are a company, individual, or attorney’s office that has already set up a file with us you can also notify us via email ( when you need to make new arrangements for testing. In the email please include:

1. The name we have the file set up under
2. The first and last name of the specimen donor
3. The type of test requested
4. The zip code of the specimen donor