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What is an ETG hair test?

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The courts are requiring me to take an ETG hair test in order to get my license back. I’ve never taken a hair test. What is an ETG hair test?

Caleb T, Richmond VA



Hi Caleb,

Thank you for your question Caleb. ETG is the acronym for ethyl glucuronide. ETG for courtThe ETG hair test is a biomarker test that detects chronic consumption of alcohol in an estimate 90 days.  Hair follicles are embedded in the dermis of skin and contain networks of arterial capillaries that nourish the growing hair bulb.  A minimum of 2 inches of hair is required for this test. The idea is that every month your hair should grow half of an inch.

Once at a collection site the collector will cut as close to your scalp as possible. The results for an ETG hair test usually take 3-10 business days. It is very important if you have an upcoming court date to give your specimen as soon as possible because of this longer return. If you need your results fax, mailed or email directly to a court or lawyer, AMH Nationwide is more than willing to take care of that for you. The results for this test is your private health information. Unless another party has your consent or there is a court  order from a judge requiring you to give your results to another party, no one else will have access to these results.  There are other options for ETG testing besides hair that might also help with your case, feel free to contact one of AMH Nationwide’s testing experts for more information.

Is the ETG hair test more accurate than a urine drug test?

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I might need to order an ETG hair test. My ex-wife is filing for full custody for our two children. Somehow, she has passed every urine alcohol test. We are unclear how she passes every test as she is a known alcoholic.  My mother suggested trying an ETG hair test instead of a urine.  She believes that a hair test will be more accurate than urine. Is this true? Will an ETG hair test return positive if the urine test

John K, Memphis TN



Hi John,

Your mother’s suggestion of the ETG hairetg hair test test is definitely on the right track if you want a better indicator of your ex-wife’s drinking habits. Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a strong marker for consumption of alcohol, but other alcohol tests, such as the urine ETG test, have a much shorter detection time. Keratinized tissues (hair, nail etc.) can retain foreign substances and thereby provide a longer detection time than standard urine drug screening or blood drug tests. While detection times for the urine ETG test are typically only a couple hours or days after consumption, the ETG hair test can detect alcohol months after consumption. In order for the ETG hair test to be performed the donor must have at least two inches of head hair. Donors are currently unable to use body hair this test. The standard ETG hair test has an estimated 90 day detection period. This is a relatively new test and therefore it is not cheap, but most of our clients find our pricing to be better than other drug testing agencies in Houston.

Another factor to consider is your ex-wife might be passing the urine tests because she is submitting someone else’s urine. If that is the case, the ETG hair test will eliminate that possibility. A person cannot go in to the lab and submit someone else’s hair. It is taken directly from the donor’s head. To find out the closest location for lab testing call and talk with one of our test experts at (888) 493-2521


Will prescription medicine affect a 9 panel drug screen?

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My husband and I are going through a divorce and he is requiring me to take a 9 panel drug screen to grant joint custody of my children. I read online that the 9 panel drug screen includes Xanax. I am prescribed Xanax by my doctor and wondering will that prescription affect my test results?

Also, I have used marijuana a couple of times in the last couple of months. The 9 panel drug screen is a hair follicle test, is THC included?

Laura, Dallas TX



Hi Laura,

Prescription medicine 9 Panel Drug ScreenTesting companies like AMH Nationwide typically handle a lot of these very stressful situations and are a great resource to help you through the testing process discreetly and professionally. The 9 panel hair follicle drug test includes amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine (PCP), Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, propoxyphene and methadone. Xanax is a barbiturate so, if you take Xanax regularly as prescribe it is likely to result as a positive on your 9 panel drug screen. After testing with a company like AMH Nationwide, if a specimen is positive after being tested in a confirmatory process using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, it is sent to a Medical Review Office so the prescription is verified. At the Nation Medical Review Office your prescription will be confirmed and if the drug in question is used as prescribed then it will be listed as negative. The test is designed to determine abuse not prescribed use.

As for the marijuana because the 9 panel hair follicle test is not designed to detect THC metabolites, hair follicle tests are great for determining light usage. Therefore, if you only used once or twice THC is less likely to be detected on the 9 panel hair follicle test.

If we can answer any further questions, please contact us!

Is a 9 panel drug screen necessary?

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I am considering a 9 panel drug screen for my 21 year old son. I was told that a 9 panel drug screen would cover both prescription and street drugs. My son has been a honor roll student. Throughout high school. He has never had any legal or behavioral issues. In the last six months he has been withdrawn from all of his family and previous friends. My son has had violent outburst. that he claims he doesn’t remember. His grades have plummeted and he is currently on probation from school. My husband and I really don’t know where to begin helping him.


Tina K, Clearwater FL



Hi Tina,

We know this is a scary time for your family. We are more than happy to suppo9 Panel drug screenrt you during this time  A 9 Panel drug screen is a great place to start. The 9 panel drug screen includes a variety of both street and prescription drugs. One of the drugs that the 9 panel drug screen check for is benzodiazepines like Xanax. Xanax is a sedative used to treat anxiety and panic disorder. Xanax can effect memory, judgment, and coordination. We have two great options for the 9 panel drug screen. We can test your son’s hair and urine. The results for the hair test and urine test will be a good indication of what drugs he uses habitually and what drugs he has recently abused. For the hair test your son will need at least two inches of head hair. For more information on how we can assist your son give us a call. We have several location in the Clearwater area.