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About Us

What you need to know About AMH Nationwide

AMH Nationwide is a national lab testing agency providing affordable and reliable drug testing for individuals and employers as well as private testing for HIV and STDs. Since 2004, we’ve specialized in private and affordable lab testing in most areas of the country.

At AMH Nationwide most of us have been in the lab testing business for a long time, some with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, we’ve watched our competitors’ prices contract and expand. Our prices have remained consistently low. Our solid and steady commitment to providing fast laboratory testing for an affordable cost means we can confidently promise you state-of-the -art drug, HIV and STD labs tests for a competitive price and often the best price in town.  

We’re proud of our service and it shows in our delivery. Not only do we offer great service for a great price, but we deliver it to you in the most informed and friendly way possible.

If you are an employer you need a fast, efficient method for providing drug screening for your employees. What do you do if your employee claims you unfairly targeted them for random testing? Maybe your employees don’t feel comfortable discussing their prescriptions and medical conditions with their employer. There are all types of discrimination claims that can arise when employers attempt to DIY their employee drug testing program. You need an informed and non-biased party determining your random drug testing and discussing prescription based positive results for the various private health conditions of your staff. We can be sure you spend as little time as possible managing employee drug test registrations, random notification, and coordinating with various collection sites. We make your job easy by taking care of all of it for you for one efficient and affordable cost.

If you need a urine or hair follicle drug test for personal use, you are most likely dealing with court, divorce, child custody or maybe concerned a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol. We have experience with all kinds of family situations. We know your situation may be unlike any other and you may need help determining the best type of drug test or the best time to be tested. We can quickly help you decide on testing and offer affordable drug testing solutions best suited for your individual situation.

If you need STD testing you know that it is not the most pleasant experience. Nobody likes STD testing and waiting and wondering about your STD test results is the worst part! You will have questions about your exposure to HIV and STDs. You will need to know if you need an STD test and what type of STD test you need. HIV and STD testing is never cheap but we can talk to you about your situation and make sure you are not paying for STD tests that you don’t need. If you do need testing, you will find our prices are much more affordable than other STD testing companies.
If you are looking for drug testing or STD testing please call our confidential and caring Customer Care Team for more information.