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5 Panel Urine Drug Screen

Screens for: amphetamine/methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and PCP (alcohol added upon request).

This is the most commonly ordered panel. Primarily detects use of street drugs, which makes this an ideal choice for employers, concerned parents, courts, and anyone else concerned about generalized drug use.

Urine Drug Testing Service

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I must have called 20 places since this whole thing happened, and I have to say that the people I have talked to at your organization have been the most informed and compassionate.

A. G.
Haceidna Heights, Ca

I am so glad I found you guys, you have made my job so easy.

Redstone International

Again, thanks again for your kindness.  The world is a better place with people like you in it. Truly!

M. M.
Colorado Springs, Co

I asked for a supervisor to talk to you about your test counselor Ray, This man is a keeper!  He helped me an talked me through my situation, and was terrific and so professional, I am not sure if I will decide to get tested but if I do I will defenetely use your company.

L. J.
San Antonio, TX

Thank you for the extra care you took in my situation, I didn’t really have any one else to talk to about this, I have talked to a couple people in your office, they are all awesome, that level of customer service seems few and far between

F. S.
Scranton, PA

Steve was awesome, he was very well informed, and to someone like me that has never done this before that is really important, I called everyone listed on the online yellow pages, 10 or 20 companies, he made it really easy to decide what company to go with, you can call me any time for a testimonial.

E. M.
Gainsville, FL

Praise the lord, I got my HIV DNA results after two days, I was so nervous and ya’ll were wonderful, I spoke to one of your on call counselors Sunday night and that guy was so nice and informative. He almost has me talked out of getting tested but I had to know. If any of my friends every need anything I will highly recommend you guys.

Savannah, GA

The top 10 reasons companies use us for drug testing

volume based discounts

eliminate discrimination accusations by having an outside party handle and label specimens

immediate lab orders with results sometimes even the same day

urine, hair, blood, oral swabs test options

access to 3 major national lab networks

dedicated customer service team to address your specific concerns

custom built test panels to meet your industry needs

nationwide collection facilities, we are where your employees are

price includes confirmation testing and medical review for presumptive positives

industry standard compliance with DOT, local, state, & federal laws

keep your files and testing history in one place

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A quick call or email can get you registered so we can send your lab orders to the lab. If you are a company or individual needing multiple tests, we can also talk to you about price breaks for your testing volume

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All it takes is a fast stop by the lab to provide your specimen, there is usually no waiting or appointment needed

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That’s what we do! We will deliver your results faster than most other options, including your doctor, the local clinic, and even the emergency room

Talk to a Doctor

In some cases, when we get a positive test result, we may suggest a brief consultation with one of our doctors or medical review specialists